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Giantess Fetish is one of the most fantastic fetishes. Just imagine yourself being a shrinking man in front of a Giantess Woman. So tiny and pathetic little man in front of a giantess woman, with a huge feet and toes that are as big as mountains, you're just a tiny man, a bug sized man, just at her mercy.

This is a Giantess 3D site is mostly creared dedicated to Giantess Women and the men who love them.

Over + 8,000 images inside the member's area with fantastic Giantess Comics.

I've been around the giantess comunity during many years, and many of you know my artwork and I'm glad to have this site created to share and continue sharing my Giantess 3D.

Once you join this site you'll find the most seductive, kinky, mischievous and romantic side of Giantess Women who love toying with diminutive and small men.

This Giantess website is fictitious, there is no resemblance with any individuals personal life however I'm pretty sure you'll find our Giantess and Shrinking Men stories very interesting.

The characters used here are not real, they are just Giantess Artworks, and they were mostly created using the software "Poser" and "Daz3D".

This site illustrates Giantess Comics as you can see in our "Previews" area and Giantess Stories and it will be weekly updated. Please check the section Update. You can also can visit us in Facebook.

I want to thanks to many great artists who helped me to develop this site, and thanks all of you for your great support to the site, that always help us to create more content for all of you (thanks for the understanding that libraries and upgrading my CPU is not cheap).

I am open to suggestions and ideas, so please, you can submit your Giantess Stories and shrinking men fantasies and ideas to my mail.

Thanks everybody and enjoy all your visit!